Hyggekompagniet grew out of an idea, that the Danish word “hygge” – a seemingly untranslatable word deeply rooted within Danish culture – should be easily understood by other non-danish cultures.

By analysing and digging deeper into what hygge means, how the feeling is created and what factors that need to be present when feeling it, Hyggekompagniet wants to provide that feeling through physical products, since they do not need translation – they are the experience of hygge.

Even though hygge is a Danish word, does that not mean, that hygge is a Danish only thing. Hygge is in any culture around the globe – present through different words, meanings and experiences.

Hyggekompagniet helps to create the link between those untranslatable experiences and words, synthesising and forming it to a product that creates the feeling.

Secondly, with a “more quality = less waste” mindset, Hyggekompagniet wants to produce products without compromise in quality, while making the environmental footprint from the production and use, as small as possible.

To provide the world with hygge.

Hyggekompagniet seeks to spread the feeling of hygge through honest products that are of a high quality, well designed and environmentally aware. Furthermore to inspire by example.